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School leadership survey

The Guardian and EdComs, a leading educational research consultancy, are looking for school leaders to participate in a large-scale, termly survey of 1,000 school leaders across the UK.

SHA is giving its support to the project because, at present, there is no comprehensive, UK-wide and genuinely impartial research focusing on school leaders' views.

The survey will build up a comprehensive picture, direct from school leaders, of what is really going on in schools, backed up by quantified data.

The results will help school leaders understand what their colleagues are thinking and doing about issues, for example, on the 14-19 reforms, discipline problems, budget pressures, or even school meals.

The survey will be able to track views on key issues over long stretches of time.

The Guardian, through both the newspaper and its websites, is an independent source for teaching professionals and the questionnaire is being designed in association with school leaders.

It will therefore address areas of genuine interest to schools. Participants will receive a detailed report of the findings.

The survey will evolve into an informed discussion among school leaders, and between leaders and the wider community about the issues they are facing.

The survey will be conducted online and will launch in mid May. It will take at most half an hour to complete.

This is a good opportunity for SHA members to have their views recognised. To register, and for further information, please go to www.icmresearch.co.uk/headspace

Having registered, you will be emailed when the questionnaire goes live.

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