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Waste not, want not

One of the benefits of ASCL membership is discounts and special rates on a range of personal and educational products and services. There are healthcare products, financial advice, online staff well-being systems and self-evaluation surveys. Check out www.ascl.org.uk for the full list.

With the focus on reducing waste in this month's Leader, ASCL members are reminded of the free service available from LSI to help reduce gas and electricity usage.

Many schools and colleges are paying more than they should for utilities. LSI, an ASCL preferred supplier, is an independent broker which can help save money on utility bills by securing the most competitive prices and continually reviewing them to make sure they remain best value for money.

LSI can provide a comprehensive analysis of gas and electricity usage and give information on new government initiatives to control and reign in energy usage, at the same time reducing CO2 emissions. In addition, LSI will provide one point of contact for account management.

For example, LSI can advise on smart metering - one way to reduce expenditure. On a monthly basis it identifies a consumption profile, highlighting wastage and/or inefficiency. This data will also be used to validate invoices from suppliers and enable budgets to be managed in a more efficient manner. No more estimates, you pay for what you consume. LSI can advise on this.

LSI's service, which is free of charge, has provided significant savings for ASCL HQ and we can wholly recommend it.

For further information telephone 01727 877020 quoting ASCL or visit www.lsiutilitybroker.co.uk

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