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Which degree?

Thanks to everyone who participated in ASCL's unscientific 'which degree?' survey at the end of last term. This was carried out with the TES, which published an article based on the results in the TES Magazine on 22 February.

Of the 642 members who replied, 45 per cent were heads, 32 per cent deputies, 18 per cent assistant heads and 3 per cent bursars/ business managers.

Sciences came out on top overall as the most common field studied at 17 per cent. This was followed by English at 13 per cent, mathematics and history (12 per cent), geography (11 per cent) and modern languages (10 per cent).

Not surprisingly, the top subject listed by bursars and business managers was business studies.

Physical education came in at a respectable 3 per cent, the same as music and more than religious studies, at 2 per cent.

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