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Rebuilding Sri Lanka

Children in Sri Lanka will feel the effects of the Asian tsunami for years to come. Not only were many schools destroyed, but those remaining were often used as refugee camps, in many cases rendering them unfit as classrooms.

UK schools have raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for tsunami relief, but now there is a chance to do even more and, at the same time, give students a lesson in global citizenship.

SHA has launched its Sri Lanka project, in partnership with World Challenge Expeditions, which will rebuild and refurbish dozens of schools over the next few years.

UK schools can get involved in three ways. First, if your school has raised funds, or is planning fundraising activity, you can donate it to Project Sri Lanka in the knowledge that it will go directly to a Sri Lankan school.

Second, if your school wishes to get students directly involved, SHA will partner you with a Sri Lankan school. Students can communicate regularly with each other and see how their funds are being used.

Finally, to involve students first-hand in the experience, SHA will help schools arrange a visit to their partner school in Sri Lanka through World Challenge Expeditions. Students will be able to complete valuable project work in the local community while absorbing the Sri Lankan culture.

To donate funds now, or to register your interest in partnering with a Sri Lankan school, visit www.sha.org.uk

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