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Excellence Awards

SHA is pleased to support etc. magazine in launching the first Excellence Awards for young people.

In October 2006, at a prestigious London venue, the most exceptional talent in sixth forms will be rewarded, with £10,000 going to five category winners and £20,000 to one overall winner.

Winners will be defined by their desire to succeed in life rather than their consistent A grades. They will be judged by an independent panel of industry professionals, university lecturers and professors.

The judges will be looking to place the money with students who will use it to realise their full potential, ensuring their talent is nurtured and developed. Applicants will have to prove that they will spend the money to benefit their lifetime achievement goals.

Application packs will be sent to all lower sixth forms in September 2005, and all applications will be considered. Each of the categories will have one winner and, from those, one overall winner will be chosen.

The categories will be finance and entrepreneurship; science, engineering and IT; arts, music and media; politics and humanities; voluntary; and sports.

Over 200 guests are expected to attend the ceremony, with national TV, radio and press coverage anticipated. All profits from this award are to be split between two charities to be nominated by etc. readers.

For further information, please contact Lucinda Bowman on 01423 872 828 or email lucinda@barkerbrooks.co.uk

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