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Association appoints new trustees

In June, ASCL Council had the honour of appointing four new trustees for the association.

ASCL has six trustees who include the general secretary and president ex-officio. The trustees are signatories to any legal document concerning the holding of property and for any agreement to the association's overdraft facility.

The following were appointed as trustees in 1991 and reaffirmed by Council in 1998 and 2003: Michael Duffy, Molly Hattersley, Florence Kirkby and Brian Stevens. Council recorded is appreciation to the four trustees for the service over service over the past 17 years.

Traditionally the trustees have been past presidents of the association and, to be properly independent, they should not still be working for ASCL in any capacity. Therefore, ASCL is pleased to announce that the new trustees are Malcolm Hewitt, John Horn, Bruce Douglas and Peter Downes.

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