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SENCOs on the leadership team

On 17 June consultation ended on the government's special needs proposals. In the proposals, which are likely to be adopted and will come into effect in September 2009, SENCOs will have to be fully qualified teachers. Those already in the job for at least six months will have until September 2011 to qualify.

The proposal was strongly disapproved of by ASCL who pointed out that it undermined the principles of workforce reform and that in many cases non-teaching staff are better qualified and have the flexibility in their schedule to support special needs students.

ASCL's advice to schools that wish to have a SENCO without QTS is to have the head or another senior teacher take the title of SENCO but in practice to give responsibility for special needs students to the person best qualified to fill that role.

ASCL welcomes feedback about the website: http://sen-aen.audit-commission.gov.uk

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