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European school trip guidance

The DCSF's draft guidance on young people and alcohol is aimed primarily at parents and as such may seem to have little to do with schools.

However, ASCL members will be well aware that staff are not only role models but also have a duty of care for students and that duty of care was described in the 19th century as the care of "a wise father".

This may be especially relevant on school trips, as several European countries have more liberal licensing laws than Britain. Staff taking trips to these countries need to be aware that they may be held to the standard of a prudent adult (who should not be giving under-15s any alcohol and should be seriously restricting it for 15-18 year-olds), as well as being expected to be a role model under the GTC Code of Conduct.

It will be prudent to have guidance to staff taking trips which makes this clear.

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