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In brief...

SHA and the Specialist Schools Trust are holding a competition for students to design a school for personalised learning. They have to consider at least three gateways of the personalising learning agenda and to give their vision for personalising learning in practice.

SHA and the SST want to hear students' views on how the gateways can be developed so that every child is able to make the most of their time in school.

School teams of no more than five students must produce a PowerPoint presentation that outlines their ideas and a short film that captures the essence of their personalised school.

There will be 11 prizes of £1,000 to go to the winning school in each of the Specialist Schools Trust regions. This money will be awarded to the student council to spend on developing student voice activities.

The overall winning school, plus a teacher, will be given a place on the next iNet international conference to present their ideas on the international stage.

The competition is open to all schools affiliated with the Specialist Schools Trust.

Full details of the competition can be found at www.schoolsnetwork.org.uk/main.asp?page=283

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