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New emphasis on classroom observation

As this issue of Leader clearly indicates, the new Ofsted framework puts renewed emphasis on classroom observation as part of the inspection process. From September, the amount of time inspectors will spend in classrooms has been doubled and judgements will be based as much on first-hand evidence as on data.

This means that it is more important than ever that school leaders have in depth knowledge of the quality of teaching throughout the school and have taken steps to address weaker areas.

With a greater number of classroom observations in each inspection from September and a need for the leadership team to have a robust assessment of the quality of learning and teaching, BlueSky Education is pleased to announce the launch of the Classroom Observation Module.

BlueSky is the web-based solution for managing performance management and CPD within schools. This new module allows you to collate and analyse observations within the classroom, turning them it into a powerful mechanism for informing school improvement while sharing outstanding practice between staff and potentially among schools working in federations or clusters.

  • To find out more about how BlueSky and the new Classroom Observation Module can help your school call 01483 880004 or visit www.blueskyeducation.co.uk

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