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Membership survey results

Rarely cover, inspection and the school report card are the issues on which members would most like advice and guidance this year, according to the ASCL membership survey which was emailed to a sample of 4,000 members in June.

Assistant heads also asked for guidance on 14-19 curriculum. For business managers, key areas for advice are employment law, funding and support staff pay and conditions.

This was the first year that the survey was completed online, with a result that the response rate rose to 30 per cent. A slightly greater proportion of responses this year were from deputy and assistant heads and bursars.

This year the survey asked about members' pay and conditions and working hours. Overall, 72 per cent of you are somewhat or very satisfied with your pay, with business managers the least satisfied (40 per cent somewhat or very dissatisfied).

A similar number overall were satisfied with working conditions. However, only 50 per cent of you were happy with the hours you put in. Working more than 60 hours a week were 53 per cent of heads, 38 per cent of deputies and 30 per cent of assistant heads and 7 per cent of business managers. Ten per cent of heads said they work more than 70 hours per week.

The survey also asked how well ASCL is meeting members' needs and an impressive 97.5 per cent of members said they are satisfied (54.2 per cent) or very satisfied (43.3 per cent) with their ASCL membership.

In addition, 40 per cent thought ASCL was very good value for money and 57 per cent said fairly good value for money.

However there is never room for complacency and ASCL will continue to work to improve services and advice and guidance to members. Please send us your suggestions for additional services and benefits by emailing info@ascl.org.uk

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