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ASCL is very aware that, despite a 2.3 per cent pay increase for teachers this year, the current financial crisis is affecting many members through higher bills, redundancy and other reduced income.

Therefore ASCL Council representatives have carefully considered the coming year's subscriptions. Serious thought was given to freezing subscriptions for 2010 but it was felt that the enhanced insurance benefits for vehicles and personal items was too good an opportunity to miss.

To enable ASCL to offer members the enhanced insurance and to cover increased running costs for the coming year, it was agreed to raise monthly subscriptions by 80 pence for heads, 60 pence for deputies and 25 pence for assistant heads/ business managers and senior support staff.

The priority has been to keep the subscription increase below the 2.3 per cent pay increase. The new rates will take effect in January 2010.

Don't forget that ASCL's new agreement with the Alan Boswell Group means that through ASCL you are covered for damage to your car and loss or damage to personal items, including spectacles, which happen at work. For details, go to the members' area at www.ascl.org.uk and click on 'benefits'.

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