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ASCL invited to give evidence on CSF Bill


John Dunford was invited to give evidence to the committee of MPs at their preliminary hearing on the Children, Schools and Families Bill on 19 January.

John expressed concern that the government is introducing yet another education bill. He went on to criticise several measures in the bill, notably the proposed pupil and parent 'guarantees' and the Licence to Practise.

Asked by MPs about the proposal that local authorities should conduct annual surveys of year 6 parents about the secondary school provision in their area, he responded that this was like asking customers to grade a restaurant before eating the meal.

John welcomed the extension of the role of school improvement partners, but emphasised that ASCL is extremely concerned that pupil and parent guarantees are being enshrined in legislation, with a clear intention to increase the number of complaints about schools going to the Local Government Ombudsman.

ASCL also believes that there is no need for a Licence to Practise, as the new performance management system, linked to professional development, is in its early stages and will provide the necessary public reassurance that teachers are competent and up to date.

ASCL officers have had ongoing discussions with the three political parties individually about the bill and ASCL continues to lobby MPs.

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