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Guidance on ‘at risk’ teenagers

Teenage girl looking afraid

New government guidance to local authorities on looked after children has been published. In the section on children and young people's plans made by children's trusts it states: "Schools must be able to contribute effectively to the strategic decision-making about the services that are commissioned locally so that they get better tailored services to help them meet the needs of all their pupils."

This document is important to staff in schools and colleges who are responsible for looked after children and for any head or principal with the responsibility of representing schools or colleges on the local children's trust. There is a strong emphasis on an effective and current personal education plan (PEP).

The government has issued guidance to local authorities on their duties in relation to young people ages 16-18 who become homeless or who cannot safely be accommodated in the family home. Schools and colleges that become aware of a situation that may affect a student should inform social services which will in turn deal directly with housing.

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