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Schools funding forums

Schools funding forums are becoming increasingly important in determining the distribution of funds at a local level, most crucially between secondary and primary. Some LEAs have supported them well; others have tried to baffle them and keep information and decision-making to themselves.

It is important therefore that members who are on forums should be as up to date as possible on the issues.

If you are a member of a funding forum please send an email to gillian.rawson@sha.org.uk titled 'schools forum' with your name, the school's name and the name of the LEA. We can then keep you informed if there are urgent developments on the funding front.

Look out for the DfES regional roadshows to be held this summer and autumn. LEAs have been asked to nominate up to seven people to attend - not all did so last year.

Also look out in the email newsletter for the half-day training sessions that SHA will put on, led by SHA Funding Consultant Lindsey Wharmby. Lindsey knows more about the schools funding system than anyone, including DfES officials.

She will give you a less official take on the issues that are expected this coming year, help you to make comparisons with other authorities, and tell you questions to which answers are needed in your locality.

By Martin Ward, Deputy General Secretary

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