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Names and faces

Ruth Del Grosso
Membership Manager

Ruth joined SHA in 1988 and is responsible for the busy membership and IT departments. She and her team are involved in recruitment, maintaining membership records and handling a variety of queries, not least subscriptions!

Ruth has overseen many developments including the new database and the automated direct debit system, both of which continue to require updating. She has also been involved in changes in membership as new categories have been introduced.

As a key member of the HQ team, Ruth is very active in recruiting new members by attending education shows and exhibitions.

When not working at SHA, Ruth spends time at home enjoying her three children, a cat and two guinea pigs (not necessarily in that order).

She likes baking, driving to the gym, long-term DIY projects (hall - three years and counting) and watching films - but very rarely sees the end as she's known for falling asleep any time and any place.

Harvey Black
Principal Officer, Consultancy

Harvey travels the length of the country working with SHA's consultants and setting up training and support. He also runs SHA's Headteacher Induction Programme (HIP).

He worked in a Canadian high school, a grammar school and three comprehensives before becoming a head in south Bristol. He took on his current SHA role in 1999.

Harvey joined SHA in 1982. Under the old district council structure, he was the SHA convener for Avon from 1991 and then Bristol from 1996.

Married to a geography teacher with two teacher daughters (both married to teachers), he lives outside Bristol near the two grandchildren (teachers to be?).

Harvey says: "Working with a huge range of members, especially with new heads in HIP, is constantly rejuvenating. I see the energy, commitment and professional expertise being provided by our consultants and colleagues for young people and schools."

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