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Support for assessors

Changes to the curriculum and qualifications in recent years have led to increasing demands on the exam system and those who are involved in assessment.

In the past, professional support for moderators, markers and examiners has been somewhat ad hoc. Therefore, SHA has welcomed the formation of the Institute of Educational Assessors, an independent organisation that will develop and promote high standards of assessment as an integral part of teaching and learning, and will be a focus for the development and analysis of new tools, techniques and research into educational assessment.

The institute will offer five grades of membership to individuals, based on their qualifications and experience, from student member to fellow. Individual membership of the institute will carry the following benefits, according to member status:

  • a website with a dedicated members' area

  • a members' magazine

  • access to relevant continuous professional development

  • opportunities for accreditation and eventually, qualifications

  • national and local conferences

  • access to relevant legal and financial advice

  • recognition of professional expertise in assessment

  • enhanced status for examiners, markers, moderators and other assessment professionals

  • a national forum for assessment professionals

Many of these services are still in development, but anyone who would like to receive updates on the institute can register telephoning 0207 495 7753 or emailing info@ioea.org.uk.

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