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SHA recognises that it is not only teachers and support staff who may have grievances; heads, deputies and assistant heads are employees too. SHA field officers can take up a situation where there is conflict within the leadership team or where a member of the governing body is acting unreasonably and oppressively.

SHA field officers have resolved many grievances in which both parties were members of the leadership team and both were SHA members. Procedures are in place to deal with these situations: each party is given his or her own field officer who deals only with that side of the case. It is neither right nor necessary for anyone to suffer in silence. To discuss your situation or be put in touch with a field officer, contact the SHA hotline on 0116 299 1122.

Personality and dismissal

A recent case in the Court of Appeal has suggested that, in certain circumstances, personality can be 'some other sufficient reason' for fairly dismissing a member of staff.

The dismissed employee in this case held a senior position but was continually obstructive, coming forward with difficulties rather than solutions when dealing with other senior colleagues. When considered for dismissal, he made unfounded accusations against other senior colleagues.

While it would depend on the particular facts of the case, it is possible that behaving in a way that makes it impossible for others to work with you can constitute grounds for dismissal.

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