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Congratulations to head of the year

SHA sends its congratulations to member Richard Wallis, head of Sandwich Technology School, who was named secondary headteacher of the year at the Teaching Awards in October.

The awards panel said: "Richard is a visionary leader, one who takes everyone along with him, leading from the front yet empowering others. To label him a born enthusiast would be an understatement. His personal energy levels are immense, and he demands the same from his staff, always achieving that level of commitment."

And he has been busy in his eight years at the school. During that time, the school has opened a learning centre, a building for performing arts, design and technology (probably one of the few school premises to have been officially opened by Boy George), a cinema, restaurant, humanities and communications centre, a 'sizzling science' biotechnology lab, and a local version of the Eden project.

Exam results have consistently risen. Students and staff have adopted Richard's mantra 'It's not can't, it's can' and the school's transformation has been achieved through his second favourite catchphrase 'persistency, insistency and consistency'.

Richard said: "The most important people in a school are the students and the most important achievement is their success. That success is not made possible solely by a headteacher but by a talented team of teachers and a dedicated and committed support staff.

"Being a headteacher is the best job in the world, but carries the huge responsibility of providing the young people of today with better lifetime opportunities for tomorrow.

"I only hope that I can live up to the tremendous accolade that has been bestowed upon me - I know I will certainly do my best."

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