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Tighter registration for CRB requests

The Criminal Records Bureau does not generally deal with requests from individual institutions but from registered bodies (RB) - in most cases local authorities and personnel organisations but also some FE and sixth form colleges.

The CRB is tightening up on registered bodies which means it will de-register an RB if insufficient applications are made.

Most schools use their local authority's human resource department as an RB. These will have enough applications to be in no danger of de-registration. Schools using other providers will probably have no problem but would be well advised to check.

Colleges may find that they are under pressure to de-register and use another RB. Schools may find that they are expected to tighten up on the quality of completed forms and that the RB is more inclined to send forms back.

Where services are provided through PFI contractors, schools would do well to check that the local authority, with whom the contract will rest, is ensuring that contractors fulfil their responsibilities as the school may be liable for actions on the premises even though it is not the direct employer.

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