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Website for teens with a heart condition

The British Heart Foundation (BHF) is working to create a new secure website aimed at teenagers aged 13-17 who suffer with any kind of heart condition.

The content of the site will be decided by the teenagers themselves, starting with two focus groups, one in Edinburgh on 24-25 June at the Lighthouse recording studios and one in London on 1-2 July at Chelsea football club. All expenses will be paid.

A weekend conference for teenagers (no parents allowed) is planned for 6-8 October in Center Parcs, Wiltshire.

BHF hopes that from these events, it can bring together young people to form an editorial group for the website. It plans to launch the website in March 2007.

BHF would like your help in getting the word out to teens that have a heart condition of any kind to contact them about the focus groups or the conference.

  • For more information contact Shirley Hall on 01788 334488 or email halls@bhf.org.uk

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