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Minority report

For some time SHA has been concerned about the very low representation of ethnic minorities amongst school and college leaders. The same is true of the leadership of SHA itself, and it is past time for the association to do something about it.

As a first step we would like to hold a seminar, with a speaker from the FE group Network for Black Managers, to start to look at these issues and to consider a way forward.

First we would like your views: Should such a group be formed amongst our members? Is there another way for SHA to better hear the views and meet the needs of its ethnic minority members?

We may want to begin putting our own house in order before tackling the larger issues of why ethnic minorities are under-represented in the teaching force and why they are apparently less likely to be promoted into leadership positions.

There are also issues around the experience of ethnic minorities in the education system, their professional development, and the obligation on schools and colleges to promote race equality. Most of these issues should be of general interest to all SHA members.

The seminar would be at headquarters in Leicester from 11am to 3pm on a day in the latter half of the summer term. There would be no more than about 20 people and there is no charge.

If you are interested in attending the seminar, or have comments to make, please contact martin.ward@sha.org.uk

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