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The definitive reference list

SHA hotline staff, who are ex-headteachers, deal with around 40 queries a day from members on anything from personnel to pensions. If they don't already know the answer, they often reach for one of the publications below.

These are the references that hotliners suggest every school leader has within arm's reach:

  • School Teachers' Pay and Conditions (DfES)

  • Guidance on School Teachers' Pay and Conditions (DfES)

  • The Head's Legal Guide (Croner)

  • A Guide to the Law for School Governors (DfES)

  • Conditions of Service for School Teachers in England and Wales (burgundy book)

  • Quick Guides for School Management (QGP Ltd)

  • Agreements, papers and member guides from teacher unions

  • Health and Safety of Pupils on Educational Visits (DfES)

  • A Handbook for Group Leaders (www.teachernet.gov.uk/visits)

  • Safe Practice in Physical Education (BAALPE)

  • Staff Facing an Allegation of Abuse: Guidance on practice and procedures (NEOST)

  • All school policies especially competency, discipline and grievance, student discipline, pay, performance management

  • First aid manual

  • Working with the Unions (SHA)

  • SHA guidance papers

Specific information relating to current issues or developments:

  • Raising Standards and Tackling Workload (DfES)

  • Time for Standards: Transforming the School Workforce (DfES)

  • WAMG notes

Websites for reference:

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