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Health management offer for members

ASCL is pleased to announce a new partnership with Revitalised Limited, as part of the ongoing effort to offer additional added value to members and their schools and colleges.

Revitalised offers two unique online health management systems that help schools and colleges to promote healthier lifestyles with students and staff, and they can form part of the National Healthy Schools standard.

The OPHMS (Online Personal Health Management System) is for staff and their partners, governors, parents and carers. It enables schools and colleges to take a pro-active role in promoting and supporting the importance of staff and community welfare.

The WHEEL System (Weight, Health and Exercise - Enhanced Learning) is an adapted and modified version of the OPHMS for key stage 4 and sixth form students.

It is a health education and enhancement system designed specifically for 14 to 18 year-olds, and can be used to support the principles of learning in PE or simply to encourage all students to be active and healthy.

ASCL members can save up to 25 per cent on both systems. For more information contact Revitalised on 01480 464647 or enquiries@revitalised.co.uk or visit www.revitalised.co.uk

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