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Efforts to contain LA powers

ASCL is continuing to campaign vigorously against the new guidance Schools Causing Concern, which proposes to give new powers to local authorities to intervene in schools deemed 'at risk'. While the document officially is still under consultation, LAs have already been given some funding to implement it.

ASCL's paper Strengthening Intelligent Accountability in England (policy paper 28) sets out the flaws in the guidance and calls on the government to freeze local authorities' ability to intervene in 'coasting' schools. Instead, ASCL advocates using the school improvement partner and single conversation to address issues in schools identified as under-performing.

ASCL remains firm on its stance that local authorities do not have the expertise to be able to improve schools and that it is additional support, rather than the punitive measures in the guidance, that will help schools improve.

A copy of the policy paper has been sent to ministers and top civil servants. Association officers have had several conversations with DfES officials and Council representatives have been attending local consultation meetings run by the DfES to put members' concerns forward.

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