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Response to LSC Framework for Excellence

There is no reason to introduce yet more key performance indicators (KPIs) into the colleges sector when Ofsted already provides a rigorous inspection system, ASCL has argued in its response to the consultation document Framework of Excellence from the LSC.

In the LSC's proposed framework, colleges would be rated on seven KPIs that measure three key elements: responsiveness, quality of provision and finance. The framework was first proposed in the white paper on Further Education: Raising Skills, Improving Life Chances.

ASCL also has opposed a single performance rating - and a star rating, which smacks of the tourism industry, would be particularly offensive. Education provision is too complex to be distilled down to a single performance measure.

In addition, ASCL has rejected the notion the college self-assessment reports (SARs) should be public documents. This would turn SARs into quasi-marketing tools, rather than genuine quality improvement tools. The DfES has confirmed to ASCL that school self-evaluation reports are exempt from the Freedom of Information Act. This should apply to college SARs as well.

To view the full ASCL response to the consultation document, go to www.ascl.org.uk, click on 'members' area' and 'FE'.

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