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All welcome at ICP Convention

ASCL members are invited to join colleagues from around the world in Auckland, New Zealand, for the International Confederation of Principals' convention from 2-5 April 2007.

This is a truly international conference that caters for all school leaders, especially those with a strong interest in education leadership from across the world.

The conference will focus on innovation, creativity and futures thinking within the context of school leadership. Speakers include:

  • Dr Michael Schratz, University of Innsbruck. His main interests are educational innovation with a focus on leadership, quality development and self-evaluation.

  • Dr Todd Whitaker, Indiana State University. He has published works on instructional improvement, change, leadership effectiveness, technology and middle level practices.

  • Mark Prensky, an internationally acclaimed speaker, writer, futurist and visionary. He focuses on reinventing the learning process through the use of technology.

Many Auckland schools cater for students from a diverse range of cultures with programmes to address their needs. School visits at all levels are being arranged for those with an interest.

As one of the founding members of ICP, ASCL has a long involvement with the convention and will be represented there. Details and registration are available through www.icp2007nz.com

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