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Blue sky partnership

ASCL is pleased to announce a new partnership with Atkey Solutions, the organisation that created Blue, an innovative e-portfolio, performance management and CPD tool.

With the new performance management regulations coming into effective this autumn, there is much work to be done to ensure practice reflects policy. Processes will need to be fair and equitable and systems transparent. In addition, the paper trail involved in tracking training needs and coordinating CPD can become a major challenge.

Alongside this, many school and college leaders are working to raise the profile of professional dialogue amongst their staff. Enabling staff to proactively contribute to their own development impacts directly on improvement and good performance management. 

As a self-review and e-portfolio tool, Blue creates a bridge between CPD and performance management, and can provide a focal point for dialogue about performance.

This tool has been developed by the professionals who lead schools and colleges. With over 5,000 users across more than 300 schools, local authorities and colleges, Blue has a track record of working with its clients, creating solutions for them. 

For further information visit www.blueskyeducation.co.uk or contact Nicky Spence on nicky.spence@atkey.co.uk or 01483 880004.

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