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Post-16 funding


The announcement in July that, with the creation of the DCSF and DIUS, there would be yet another reorganisation of post-16 funding seemed to catch everyone unawares. The announcement that 16-19 funding would be routed through local authorities was surprising, to say the least.

At least for the immediate future, it is just that - routing funding decided by the LSC through the local authority. For schools there is no change here, but for colleges, it could well be a major headache just when they do not need one.

It will require primary legislation to change post-16 funding and the role of the LSC. ASCL will be putting forward arguments as to what we want for schools and colleges as this legislation is prepared.

For the immediate future, FE colleges will be serving two masters, the DCSF for 16-19 year-olds and the DIUS for all adults and possibly 16-18 apprentices and with the LSC still allegedly leading the whole of post-16 education and training.

For 2008-09 and 2009-10, the LSC retains responsibility for funding and is intending to introduce its new planning and funding regime. The ministerial announcement on the outcomes of the consultation completed in April 2007 is due any time now - it will be interesting to see which department finally makes the announcement.

ASCL will be publishing guidance for schools and colleges on the new planning and funding system after the ministerial announcement.

Local authorities are responsible for providing overall strategic leadership for 14-19 provision in their area. Therefore, ASCL members should make sure they know where they fit into the local 14-19 plan.

Lindsey Wharmby, ASCL Funding Consultant

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