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Confusion over science

There has been some confusion regarding the new entitlement to science at Key Stages 3 and 4, not least because of conflicting messages from ministers (and the Prime Minister). QCA has clarified that the situation is as follows.

From September 2007 there is an entitlement for all Key Stage 4 students to study a science course which leads to two science GCSEs. They do not have to take two sciences but they must be offered it. The only statutory element is the Key Stage 4 national curriculum.

From September 2008, the DCSF will be encouraging all students who gain level 6+ at KS3 science to consider studying triple science and for schools to make this available to them. However this is not a legal entitlement. A support programme is being put in place for schools which have not offered triple science previously but would like to consider starting it.

In regards the performance table science indicator, the DCSF has confirmed that BTECs and OCR national are included. GNVQs are not currently included. The OCR pilot course Science in the 21st Century was excluded, apparently in error, and Forvus is dealing with this.

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