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ASCL view on assessment and skills heard by MPs

ASCL was asked to present evidence to MPs on two issues in January.

President Brian Lightman represented ASCL at the Children, Schools and Families Select Committee enquiry into assessment, giving evidence alongside NAHT, ATL and the GTC.

On virtually all the key issues there was clear agreement between the four bodies. MPs heard that the current testing system is unwieldy and not fit for purpose. Tests are being used for too many different purposes and are too narrow a reflection of the overall curriculum. League tables give a distorted view of schools and are misleading to parents.

The following week, ASCL was invited meet with the committee of MPs scrutinising the Education and Skills Bill. Brian and deputy general secretary Martin Ward had 40 minutes with the committee, which was the same amount of time allotted to the CBI and to the TUC.

ASCL took the opportunity to push for changes to the bill on several issues, including strengthening the duty on employers to work with education providers and simplifying the proposals for providing 'careers education' and 'guidance' which are treated separately in the bill.

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