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Looking for Equilibrium

A new ASCL book looks at work-life balance in various aspects of a school or college. This edited extract deals with the elusive work-life balance of senior leaders. >>more>>

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Feeling the heat

Emotional burnout is one of the hazards of the job for school/college leaders and has certainly been partly to blame for the current shortage of heads. Glynn Kirkham explores some strategies found to be useful in achieving long-term professional equilibrium. >>more>>

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Not just a number

Standing on a deserted train station in Market Rasen some ten years ago, Carol FitzGibbon and I had an extended conversation about the government's attitude to value-added. (If you knew Market Rasen station, you'd appreciate the full poignancy of this. A train once famously ground to a halt a quarter of a mile beyond the station and then reversed shame-facedly back to collect its passengers. The driver had forgotten the station was there.) >>more>>

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