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Money on a plate

Catering for the cost of change

The cost of introducing healthier food is a pain barrier some ASCL members may be experiencing, says consultant Mike Pooleman, but improving students' diets and managing finances need not be a nightmare. >>more>>

Steve Hatcher

Food for thought

In 2001, Deputy Head Steve Hatcher 'took on' catering at St Aidan's High School. Today its kitchen serves 1,800 high quality meals a day from four outlets and is self-financing - but getting there hasn't been easy, by a long way. >>more>>

Boats on a lake

Pooling resources

The South Lakes Federation began life with two headteachers on a train journey to London. By the end of the day, with the chance to sit and plan and the back of a suitable envelope, they returned to the Lakes with an idea about developing their schools based not on hierarchy, but on collaboration. >>more>>

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