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Training offered for chartered assessors

The Chartered Institute of Educational Assessors (CIEA) is offering an excellent professional development opportunity for 20 individuals in secondary schools to receive training in internal assessment practice this coming autumn, culminating in chartered educational assessor status.

As part of the pilot scheme for the Chartered Educational Assessors (CEA) programme, there is no cost to participants and cover, accommodation, travel and subsistence will be paid.

The aim of the CEA programme is to enhance assessment practices within schools and colleges by developing the skills, capability and knowledge of individuals, within the process of assessment outlined in the IEA Professional Framework.

In doing this, the CIEA believes it can create greater standardisation of assessment practice in a way which aligns external standards of assessment with that being carried out in schools and colleges.

ASCL has been championing the chartered assessor model since 2002, where experienced teachers are externally accredited to carry out in-course assessment to external standards.

We believe that this will raise the status of teachers and of in-course assessment, thus raising standards. Above all, it would reduce dependency on external testing, making the examinations system more manageable whilst retaining the credibility of the system.

Therefore, we urge ASCL members to encourage experienced teachers to take advantage of the CEA pilot programme. The first pilot, including 35 prospective CEAs in 17 schools across three local authorities, ends in June.

  • Training for the next intake is planned to take place on 24 and 25 September.

  • To apply for the pilot scheme, individuals should send a letter of application, no more than 750 words, to pilot@ciea.org.uk by 18 July. Questions about the scheme can also be directed to the CIEA at that email address.

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