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ASCL says goodbye to Lord Dearing


ASCL lost a good friend recently when Lord Ron Dearing passed away on 19 February. Lord Dearing was perhaps best known in education for his 1997 report into higher education, but he also conducted important reviews into the national curriculum, 16 to 19 education and, in 2007, modern foreign languages.

ASCL general secretary John Dunford got to know Lord Dearing when they both worked in the north east of England and later worked closely with him on his various reviews.

John says: "In spite of his distinguished career and almost saintly status in the education world, he was the most courteous and humble of people and it was always a pleasure to work with him.

"My favourite Dearing story came from a Durham University graduation ceremony at which he stood in crimson robes to receive an honorary degree from the university chancellor, Peter Ustinov, in recognition of his achievements in public service and in education, and as chief executive of the post office. 'I should like to congratulate Durham University,' said Ustinov, 'not only on giving you this degree but on dressing you up like a letter box.' Ron, we shall miss you greatly."

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