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Five years ago, it was a twinkle in SHA's eye. Now, it's one of our most important 'publications' and is available to every member, on every desktop. It is, of course, the SHA website - www.sha.org.uk

Members have access to every guidance paper, legal advice and policy paper produced, as well as the latest news, courses and conferences.

In the autumn term the website will appear with a fresh look and lots of improved features. The member's login area will be easy to find and, once you are signed in, general navigation will be simpler, with drop-down menus.

With a powerful search engine sweeping the whole site, every document will be easily accessible, including pdf documents.

An improved content management system will make it even easier for SHA staff to issue a speedy response to the latest issues - the recent TLR guidance, for example, was available to members within 10 minutes of the DfES launch.

Over the summer, online materials will be reviewed, sorted and archived as they are moved to the new site.

Once the new site is up and running, we're not stopping there. Plans for the next phase of development include discussion forums, online training materials and improving the weekly email newsletter.

Surprisingly, there are still many hundreds of members who do not receive the e-newsletter because they have not sent their email address to HQ. If you are one of them you are missing out on important matters that arise between mailings (the TLR documents were sent by members' email newsletter).

To subscribe, email your membership number to email@sha.org.uk or subscribe on www.sha.org.uk

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