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SHA name change

The honorary secretary, Malcolm Trobe, reported on the excellent response to the name change consultation. A total of 43 per cent of members returned their consultation paper and 68 per cent of those showed a preference for a change of name. This indicates overwhelming support from members and Council believed this gave a clear mandate for a change in the association's name.

With such a strong showing of support, Council agreed that members should now be consulted on which name they prefer. Three possibilities were listed in the first consultation and members were asked submit alternatives as well.

Based on the response, Council agreed to ballot members again, this time to consult on their preference for one of two names: the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL) or the School and College Leaders Association (SCLA).

(This second consultation document was sent to all members at the end of June. Please take a minute to fill it in and return it as soon as possible.)

Pros and cons of both names were debated. Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL) has the advantage of putting the association at the top of the alphabet and the teacher union listings. Phonetically, the full name and abbreviation are easy to say.

School and College Leaders Association (SCLA) as an abbreviation is a relatively small change from SHA, but is more awkward to say.

Council considered the names ASCoL and SCoLA but the web domains for scola.org.uk and ascol.org.uk have already been taken; it is very important that the web domain retains '.org.uk'. The web domains for ascl.org.uk and scla.org.uk have been registered to the association.

While the initial consultation indicates strong support for a name change, any final decision will need be made by vote at a general meeting. Therefore, a general meeting of SHA to discuss the change of name of the association will take place at 2.15pm on Thursday, 22 September at the Sheffield Hilton Hotel, Victoria Quays, Furnival Road, Sheffield, S4 7YA.

The general meeting will take place in conjunction with the September Council meeting. All members in all categories are entitled to attend but only full members may vote.

SHA has always been an association for members and we want the name to reflect wishes of the majority. Please attend the general meeting in Sheffield to make your opinion heard.

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