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Improved insurance for members


Lost your glasses at work? From this September, you're covered.

ASCL has secured an improved insurance package from the Alan Boswell Group to provide all members with insurance covering workplace damage to private vehicles; loss of personal possessions at work including bicycles, spectacles and money; and a range of benefits for personal accident at work.

For damage to vehicles, members are insured for up to 400 against any one claim, with an excess payable of 50. For loss or damage to personal items, coverage is up to 250 for any one claim, with an excess payable of 15.

The coverage is applicable only at your place of work, not while travelling on school/college-related business. However, in the case of spectacles, it will cover losses occurring while accompanying any outing or visit connected with school/college business.

Claims notification should be made directly to the Alan Boswell Group by calling 01603 218099. Please have ready your ASCL membership number and full details of the loss. Following verification of membership renewal and policy cover, claims for personal possessions will be settled within five working days.

  • For full details visit the members' area at www.ascl.org.uk  and click on 'benefits'.

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