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Get a good night’s sleep

ASCL preferred supplier CS Healthcare - preferred provider of affordable comprehensive health insurance to ASCL members and their families - shares its expertise on getting a good night's sleep. Most of us look forward to spring and putting our clocks forward. Unfortunately our biological clocks take a little longer to reset. The brighter sunlight and lengthening day help us with that adjustment and the return to our usual sleep pattern.

Sleep is important to our health and daily well-being. However, a number of things can prevent us from getting a good night's sleep, including being overweight and drinking alcohol. Food intake during the day also affects sleep, as does too much noise or light at night.

Sleep disorders range from snoring to restless leg syndrome, but the most common one is insomnia. While some people may need medical help for this, most of us can prevent insomnia by following a healthy lifestyle. Try to avoid going to bed feeling stressed. Try not to eat too close to bedtime and avoid alcohol and caffeine late in the day.

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