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SHA/Gatsby Transition Project in the TES

The TES ran a full page article on 7 October on the SHA/Gatsby transition project, which was also featured in the July Leader.

The TES article quoted MAPS director Terry Allcott and featured Claydon High School in Ipswich, Penydre School in south Wales and St Aiden's Catholic School in Sunderland, all of which are involved in the programme.

The article pointed out that the project "starts from a belief that transition is a more complex issue than widely recognised".

It also reported that feedback from teachers and staff has been positive and pupils' motivation has increased.

Illusion of freedom

SHA's voice was prominently heard in the media amid the reaction to the white paper in October.

The Times, Telegraph and Guardian all ran quotes from John Dunford, saying: "School leaders welcome greater freedom but the white paper is largely an illusion. What schools need is more freedom from government interference and incessant reform."

The Independent's article added the quote: "The prime minister should not have used the words 'parent power'. Schools want to work closely with parents, not be ruled by them."

Martin Ward and John Dunford also provided commentary for Radio 5 Live and more than a dozen regional BBC radio stations.

Junk food ban

More than 20 regional newspapers picked up on SHA's comments regarding the practicalities of Ruth Kelly's proposed ban on junk food in September.

John Dunford was quoted on the front page of the Yorkshire Evening Post as saying: "Children eat over 1,000 meals a year but less than 200 of these are in schools."

His quote in the Manchester Evening News stated: "We want to see more support for parents in improving children's diets at home and more pressure on the food industry to advertise responsibly."

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