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Protection of young people

A series of regulations for England continue to tighten the recruitment process. While they place an added burden on schools and colleges, it is difficult to argue that they do not improve children's safety.

From 1 January, a school must keep a record of checks made on staff employed by the school. It must also obtain an enhanced CRB check when someone, employed by the school or otherwise, working with pupils moves into the category which requires a CRB check. The most likely situation for this is when a volunteer offers more time and crosses the three in 30 days threshold.

Similarly, the school must ensure that any supplier of staff guarantees that checks have been made through the contract the school has with the supplier. A record must be kept of this.

It is also important that schools are aware of the need to be sure that overseas employees do have a right to work in the UK. Workers from non-EEA countries and accession countries to the EU have particular restrictions. Checks should be made and outcomes recorded.

Colleges are now also under obligations to keep a register of all those providing education for students under 18. This should include:

  • checks on identity, qualifications and freedom from any banning order

  • an enhanced CRB check where the person is involved in a 'relevant activity' (caring for, training, supervising, or being solely in charge of those under 18)

  • checks on right to work in the UK and other appropriate checks on overseas staff

  • similar checks on staff provided by agencies

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