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In the January Leader, we announced a new column to help ASCL members saving money and increase efficiency. Here are two suggestions from readers.

Electricity savings

We believe we are saving several thousand pounds a year by ensuring computers, monitors and printers are not left on stand-by overnight.

Since relying on individuals is not likely to bring the best results, our network manager has implemented shut down scripts to turn equipment off automatically at a pre-set time.

There is a range of software solutions on the market which save any software or open files at the time of shut down. They will also allow for turning back on remotely when the ICT team wants to upgrade software or run security patches overnight.

A typical PC uses 40W when running and 20W to 30W when on stand-by, and a monitor uses 80W when running and 10W to 15W on standby. (Laptops use less power.)

To see roughly how much you would save, multiply the number of computers by 60. If you have 400 PCs, you could save up to 24,000 pa.

In reality you probably won't save this much, because some staff will already be turning off their computers, and you also probably turn off curriculum computers during holidays. However, even factoring in these considerations, you can still make a dent in your electricity bill. And...turning computers off helps them to last longer, and helps the environment. Gains all round!

Business manager, West Midlands

Training days

I have slashed the amount of time taken out of teaching in order to carry out subject moderation by identifying a staff training day at the end of the spring term for this purpose. Those departments which carry out their moderation earlier or later do so in twilight sessions and, as a quid pro quo, have the training day off. Everyone is happy.

Headteacher, Bristol

A smart idea?

Perhaps you have found a way to increase purchasing power or reduce waste? If you have money-saving suggestions to share with others, please email them to leader@ascl.org.uk

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