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Staying Safe action plan

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The DCSF published the action plan in February to accompany its earlier Staying Safe document. Most of the media attention and the DCSF announcements focused on out-of-school activities but, as with the Children's Plan and the original Staying Safe document, the scope is much wider than schools.

The action plan includes a number of items that are likely to affect schools in some areas. They are:

  • the publication of a new cyber bullying pack

  • guidance on how to deal with the bullying of children with disabilities

  • a consultation on alcohol and young people

  • the publication of a play strategy

  • development of materials for safety education to be taught in schools through PSHE

  • the DCSF's continued 'support' of parents of children who are bullied

  • implementation of the Forced Marriage Act 2007. This may have implications for schools which 'lose' pupils to suspected forced marriages, as its provisions extend outside the UK

  • guidance on bullying outside schools. There will have to be careful consideration of how far schools are expected or encouraged to take on a duty of care for events beyond their control

  • the Youth Strategy which will focus on helping young people to engage with positive activities. This may overlap with the development of extended schools

  • a review of the effectiveness of sex and relationships education in schools

  • a review by the Department of Culture Media and Sport (DCMS) of the impact of their 100m investment in sporting activity

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