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Problem child

The problem child

Tackling problem behaviour has been at the front of the political agenda recently, with truancy, exclusions and 'low-level classroom disruption' all vying for headlines. The government is sticking to its support of 'zero tolerance' but will it work in the classroom? Julie Nightingale canvassed SHA members for the real picture in schools. >>more>>

picture of a child

Broaden their horizons

School leaders have a duty to get students to challenge the beliefs and prejudices of their parents and their culture, said Yasmin Alibhai-Brown to SHA members in Brighton. But instead, schools seem be going the other way. Nic Barnard reports. >>more>>

Children being taught

Practice what you teach

"Let me get this right: you want some of our disruptive secondary students to act as positive role models for your Key Stage 1 pupils with behavioural problems? What could possibly be in this for you?" >>more>>

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