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News in brief

Framework for Excellence

The LSC has announced that the structure of the Framework for Excellence (FfE) is being revised. ASCL was especially pleased at the news that the overall performance rating (OPR) - or a single grade - will not be calculated for the current version. There will be further consultation on how FfE will tie in with the school report card.

ASCL is involved in discussions on the future of the FfE which is due to be piloted in school sixth forms from September 2009, with full implementation a year later. It is worth accessing the FAQs at http://ffe.lsc.gov.uk/ to keep up to date.

VQ Day

ASCL is pleased to support the second annual VQ Day on Wednesday 24 June, which celebrates vocational achievement and the many paths available to young people to achieve successful careers.

Schools as well as colleges across the whole of the UK are invited to take part in VQ Day and posters and leaflets are available to download for free from the website www.vqday.org

There are advice and examples of how schools and colleges can get involved by organising a celebration event, together with an invitation for nominations for regional VQ Young Learners of the Year - see information on the VQ website under VQ Heroes.

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