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Help with raising attainment for challenging pupils

The government's National Challenge programme has placed more focus on GCSE results than ever before. While the National Challenge offers schools a range of support, it also puts a strong emphasis on schools raising the attainment of all pupils, even the most challenging.

An increasing number of schools are making use of online teaching to help improve attainment. Whether for 'missing' pupils who have poor attendance and may not gain any GCSE passes or for challenging pupils who are disrupting the education of their classmates, both pupil and school can benefit.

The online teaching is provided by Accipio Learning and its online GCSE courses are accessed by pupils around the country. Accipio provides a timetable of live, interactive lessons taught by subject specialist teachers. Lessons take place in a secure online classroom environment and deliver the essential elements of core GCSE subjects.

Accipio's online courses offer

  • five hours of online education per subject per week

  • detailed reports for every pupil in every lesson

  • flexible timetabling

  • a 10 per cent discount for ASCL members

Accipio's student exam results speak for themselves with a GCSE pass rate of 96 per cent overall and 45 per cent A*-C grades in 2008.

For more information on how your school can benefit from Accipio's online teaching, call 01582 831090 or email ascl. member@accipio-learning.com

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