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New licensing laws

SHA is pleased to announce that Jim Collins has been appointed SHA's first education policy consultant. He starts his post on 1 September.

A SHA member, he has previously been head of Washwood Heath School, Birmingham, and principal of New College, Leicester.

Jim will be working with SHA Council's Education Committee on developing policy regarding curriculum, assessment and examinations. He will also work closely with the SEN committee. He will represent SHA at meetings with the DfES, QCA, awarding bodies and other organisations.

Jim joins a very strong group of consultants who support SHA members: Stephen Szemerenyi for pay and conditions; Lindsey Wharmby for funding; Richard Bird for legal; and Mac Podmore for pensions.

SHA has also agreed an arrangement with Robert Hill, formerly Charles Clarke's special adviser, to provide some consultancy services on SHA's public policy agenda. His expertise will be of great help in securing SHA's policy goals.

Robert's first project is likely to be on the leadership of schools, putting forward SHA views on autonomy and collaboration, and on leadership and governance of extended schools.

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