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Enjoy happy (and healthy) holidays

Travel insurance is not just about cover for your digital camera or luggage in case they go missing - it is far more importantly about covering yourself in case you require emergency medical assistance overseas.

Without correct cover you could be looking at some serious medical bills should something happen on holiday. Even within the EU with a EHIC (the old E111 form) you may have to pay a fair percentage of the treatment costs. The EHIC is a complement to your travel insurance policy, not a substitute. ASCL members have access to AIS Direct which is now in its third year as an ASCL partner providing travel insurance and associated travel benefits.

In December 2008 AIS Direct merged with the well-respected Rock Insurance Group which insures over one million travellers annually. As part of this larger group AIS can draw on considerable expertise and wealth of experience to provide administrative back up and a far wider range of insurance products.

Through Rock, AIS has continued to provide quality annual worldwide travel insurance at inexpensive rates to members of ASCL and their families.

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