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Managing sickness absence

Reducing sickness absence is an issue for all employers, including schools and colleges, that are concerned with working more effectively. Providing services that help staff remain healthy will encourage a more productive workforce.

While you can't prevent people from becoming ill but there are measures that can be taken, for instance, encouraging and rewarding healthy activity such as cycling or walking to work.

Healthcare provision also plays a role, but private plans are often something that schools and colleges cannot afford. That is why ASCL has entered into a partnership with Benenden Healthcare to offer special discounts to members.

Benenden acts as a complementary service to the NHS, offering discretionary support, advice and financial assistance for members for about £1.10 a week. It's a mutually owned organisation run by its members.

To find out more about Benenden membership and the benefits offered to ASCL members, call 0845 052 5732 or visit www.benenden.org.uk

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